Ola! Christchurch Airport

Ola has landed at Christchurch Airport.

Ola drivers can now accept trips to & from Christchurch Airport for pick-up and drop-off.

What does this mean for Ola drivers?

MORE bookings and MORE rides to & from the airport.

Christchurch customers already love the great Ola service. The addition of Christchurch Airport is a hot new location where they will be looking out for you.

Plus, Ola will be ramping up the promotions to ALL customers, so they know where to find you and that they can book Ola for any trip in and around Christchurch.

Christchurch Airport Pick-up  & Drop-off zones

It is important to manage pick-ups & drop-offs in the designated areas only.

Please familiarise yourself with these zones to better enhance the driver and customer experience. Learn more about Christchurch pickup areas.

Ola have created hot spots for riders to make it easier to meet you & start their ride. This ensures they are directed to you and ready to buckle up and get the ride started.

Top 5 Tips for Airport Rides

  1. Keep your Ola app on to ensure you don’t miss out on any bookings to OR from the airport
  2. Be familiar with the rideshare wait zone. This will ensure you are in the queue to be allocated pick-ups
  3. Know the peak times for the Airport so you can plan your day & route accordingly. You can reference flight times HERE
  4. Accept ALL airport trips. This is when customers are most in need with luggage and anxious to get to their next or final destination.
  5. Ask customers if they would like a helping hand with their luggage when you drop-off OR pick-up. This little bit of help goes a long way and really helps with the rating customers provide you with.



Earn EVEN MORE when you refer Ola.

Remember to share your Ola driver to customer referral cards, including your unique referral code, with anyone who hasn’t taken a ride with Ola.

When they download the Ola app and take their first ride, YOU receive a bonus into your Ola driver account and THEY receive a $15* first ride credit to enjoy their very first Ola experience.

*new Ola customers only


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