Improved Heat Map feature


We have improved our HEAT MAP feature in the driver app, thanks to the feedback & valued input of our Ola driver community.

✔️IT’S FASTER! The high demand areas will be delivered in real-time and updated frequently, so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

✔️IT’S PRECISE! We will point you in the right direction and the right times, to get more rides where demand is high.

✔️IT’S BETTER! Your driver experience is guaranteed to be a better one with this improved feature.

Heat Map tips to keep your earnings high:

  1. Log-on in the peak hours morning (6am – 10am) and evening (4pm – 7pm)
  2. Become familiar with those high demand zones throughout the day, including the airport & major CBD areas
  3. Keep your Ola driver app switched on and check regularly for ‘live’ & up to date information, to boost your earnings throughout the day
  4. You will earn more with Ola in peak times, by staying online & checking the Heat Map to move you to where riders need you the most

Don’t forget, you keep 82% of your fare with Ola.

What is Heat Map?

HEAT MAP will help you move towards areas with high peak and earn MORE! The feature makes it easier for you to find out which zone in your City has how much peak* at any given time, so you can plan your route accordingly. Click HERE for help using Heat Map.

Watch & learn HERE


* note: the peak will be applicable according to the area from where the booking request is coming.

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