NZ Fashion Week

Ola is styling up and partnering with NZ Fashion Week.

26 August – 01 September 2019


What does this mean for you?

MORE bookings and MORE rides during NZ Fashion Week (NZFW).

Be prepared for riders traveling to and from the Auckland Town Hall – Queen St.

As many as 30,000 style-savvy guests will be attending this years event, so expect increased and consistent demand throughout the week. This includes airport trips, with guests traveling both inter-city and internationally to be part of the glitz & glamour!

Make sure you’re familiar with the event schedule, so you can plan your daily route during the week. There are 54 events planned for the week and weekend.

Click HERE for the week schedule (26th-30th August)

Click HERE for the weekend schedule (31st Aug – 1 September)

Finding your Fashionable Rider

NZFW will be a busy time for riders & drivers. You can make certain your rider finds you by ensuring you are driving your registered Ola vehicle, so that the rider can find you via your car registration. 

If you need to change the car you will be driving, you can do this in your Ola driver app. Click HERE to learn how.

It is important to manage pick-ups & drop-offs in the designated areas only for the duration of the event. This ensures both your safety & risk, as well as that of your rider.

It is important to ensure you do not park, stop or stand in bus & taxi zones to avoid receiving a fine.

Dropping off & Picking up NZFW Riders

Ola has created hot spots for riders to make it easier to meet you & start their ride. This ensures they are directed to you and ready to buckle up and get the ride started.

It is important to manage drop-offs and pick-ups with care, so become familiar with these key pick-up points for riders waiting for their Ola driver:

  1. Queen St (Auckland Town Hall)
  2. Civic Theatre (off Greys Ave) 
  3. Bledisloe Car Park (off Mayoral Drive)


During Fashion week, get a GUARANTEED $15 minimum fare for every trip originating from the 3 key pick-up points between 10am and midnight each day.*

Ola NZFW Pick-Up Hacks

  1. Keep your Ola app on to ensure you don’t miss out on any bookings
  2. Be familiar with the Ola Pick-Up pick-up zone (‘the zone’). This will ensure a seamless pick-up with your customer
  3. Keep up to date with NZFW event days & times so you can plan your day & route accordingly. You can reference the week event schedule HERE & the weekend event schedule HERE.
  4. Accept ALL Fashion Week trips. Guests have made their way to Auckland for NZFW and are anxiously EXCITED to get to their events.
  5. Avoid canceling trips to keep your performance rating up. Fewer cancellations helps keep rides up and coming your way and support strong platform performance. PLUS, the less you cancel, the better the customer experience and the better your earning potential.


Make sure you have the latest Ola driver app version to top up those rides!

  • Android – version & above
  • iOS – version & above


*Minimum fare guarantee valid until Sunday 1st September 2019 @ 11:59pm. All minimum fare guarantee payments for trips completed during this period will be credited to your driver account on Friday the 6th September 2019.

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