Improve your Driver Rating

Improve your performance and give your

customers a GREAT Ola experience.


1. Safety is #1
  • Before starting the trip, ensure your customer properly secures their safety belt. It’s a big no-no to drive off before you and your passengers are safely secured!
  • Make sure you’re using a hands-free device so you’re not touching or holding your phone while driving.
  • Drive with caution and act responsibly whilst in and out of a trip
2. Personal Appearance & Hygiene

First impressions count towards professionalism and YOUR brand image.

Complete this checklist before starting your day with Ola:

  • Fresh breath
  • Be showered with clean clothes and footwear
  • Neatly presented and groomed
3. Great Communication
  • Act professionally. You are your own boss when you drive with Ola
  • Respect the privacy of your passengers
    • Be careful with compliments
    • Don’t ask personal questions
  • Stick to the basics and never ask for contact numbers or invites over social media
  • Always be mindful of the passenger’s preferences
    • Route
    • Music volume
    • Air conditioning
4. Car Quality
  • At the start and throughout your day, check your car interior to ensure it is neat, tidy and presentable for both you and your customers
  • Pick up an air freshener from the next driver event or Ola office in your city
5. Go Above and Beyond
  • Accept all rides and avoid cancelling. A quick ride acceptance makes for a happy customer
  • Customers LOVE a driver who goes above and beyond. From helping customers with heavy luggage to offering them a quick charge of their mobile device, these kind gestures improve the customer’s experience and help you achieve that 5-star rating.
  • Drop into the next driver event or Ola office in your city for tips and items that you can share with your customers

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