Drive with Ola.
Keep more in your pocket.

Benefit from a low 18% commission, daily payments and 24/7 support.

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Ola. The rideshare choice for everyone.


Daily Payments

No more waiting for your hard earned pay. 


24/7 Support

Our friendly team is here for you, ready to assist with anything.


Low Commission

Keep 82% of your fare and take home more pay each day.

Documents Required

  1. Bank account details
  2. GST Number (not required if you are not GST registered)

  1. TSL Label (if you have a TSL label of your own). Click HERE if you require a TSL 
  2. Full NZ drivers licence, held for at least 12 months
  3. Current P endorsement ID card

** If you are already registered with Logmate we will send you an invite to add ‘Ola’ as an operator. Click HERE to do this. 

  1. Vehicle Registration label
  2. Certificate of Fitness (COF) tag
  3. Vehicle Insurance policy*

* your Vehicle Insurance should list ‘rideshare’ as the service you are providing, not a specific rideshare platform.

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Airport Guide for Drivers


Driver Guidelines


Ola community guidelines are in place to ensure a positive and safe experience for both drivers and riders.

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