Auckland (AKL) Airport

Driver Guide to airport rides

Accept rides to and from Auckland Airport.

Ride-Share Waiting Zone

To receive airport ride requests, you must queue in the designated waiting area. This is located at 15 Jimmy Ward Crescent.

Domestic Airport

Pick-up and drop off is only allowed from the rideshare pick-up and drop-off zone off Fred Ladd Way. This is located behind the rental car depot.

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International Airport

Drop off is located in the Public Drop Off/Pick Up Zone on Ray Emery Road.

To receive international ride requests, you must queue in the designated Rideshare Waiting Zone. This is the same zone for domestic ride requests, located on the corner of Laurence Stevens Drive and Geoffrey Roberts Road.

Pick-up is located next to Door 11 of the international terminal in the Pre-Chartered pick-up area.


Airport Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the AIAL Driver T&C’s and Fee Schedule.

You must have the proper rideshare registration, to be eligible for airport pick-ups. Apply HERE

If you receive a request for an airport trip, you can only enter the airport where you have the appropriate, valid registration. Review the USER GUIDE.

Please note: it is your responsibility to register. Auckland airport will issue fines to drivers who complete pick-ups without the appropriate rideshare registration.

How does pre-charter Registration work?

  1. You must be TAMS registered. View HERE
  2. Select “Driver Application” and then “RIDESHARE” as the Company name.
  3. Create your Driver Account and agree to Auckland Airport terms and conditions.
  4. Wait for the endorsement approval email from Auckland Airport that will confirm when your rideshare application has been approved.
  5. Present your NZ Driver’s Licence and pay a $40.00 administration fee to collect your Access Card at the TAMs Office at Green Building – 1 Jimmy Ward Crescent Mon-Fri, where hours will be extended to 10am-6pm


Already have a TAMs card?
If you already have a TAMs account, you can email with the subject line “Change my Company” and request for your account to be changed to Rideshare. Please include your RFID number and car registration plate details.

You need to supply your TAMS RFID card details in this form for Ola to enable these airport trips to your driver account.

Rideshare at the Airport

There is a barrier-protected zone for rideshare licenced drivers. You must fix your rideshare licence tag to the front windscreen of your vehicle. The tag will automatically lift the barrier for rideshare drivers, enabling rider pick-up from Auckland airport.

  1. You will be placed in the virtual queue as soon as you enter the designated holding area. Authorised drivers receive trip requests in the order they arrive at the airport.
  2. You should leave the holding area when you receive a request. Proceed to the Auckland airport pick-up area. The driver app will help get you there. This is the only area you are able to pick-up riders.

    ● Domestic airport: "Pick-up and drop off is only allowed from the rideshare pick-up and drop-off zone off Fred Ladd Way. This is located behind the rental car depot.

    ● International airport: pick-up is only allowed from the Pre-chartered pick-up area, next to Door 11 at international arrival.

    It’s a good idea to contact your rider to confirm that you are on the way and ensure they're at the correct pick-up location.
  3. Once your rider arrives, start the trip and make your way towards their destination.
  4. In accordance with the Airport terms & conditions, you must comply with all directions or requests made by the airport and its representatives. This includes the Auckland Airport Demerit Point system which may result in a loss of access to a drivers’ ability to receive airport trip requests. It is important that you review and understand Auckland Airport’s terms, conditions and offences to minimise the risk of incurring demerit points. Please refer to the list of offences in the Appendix page of the Terms & Conditions.

Sequence for Airport pick‑up


Airport Fee

For each airport trip, there is an additional airport fee.

  • International: $5 pick-up fee. $2 drop-off fee
  • Domestic: $3 pick-up fee. $3 drop-off fee
  • Domestic Waiting Fee: $3.00 per exit from the Rideshare zone (in the event a driver breaches the maximum waiting time in the Ridesharing Zone as specified in the AIAL Agreement)

These fees will be added to riders’ overall fare and will be paid to the airport directly. Drivers must be TAMS registered with a valid RFID to enable entry into the airport and payment of the required fees.

As these fees are included in the rider fare, you will be reimbursed for these fees, free from commission or taxes.

  1. At Auckland airport, trip requests for pre charter operators are 'virtually queued'. This means that authorised drivers receive trip requests in the order they arrive at the airport.
  2. Drivers in the 'queue' will not receive trip requests from outside of the airport queue zone.

    There are 3 ways you can be pushed to the back of the 'queue':
    i. Leaving the airport queue zone
    ii. Rejecting a trip request
    iii. Ending a trip, unless a rider cancels.
  3. There are common toilet facilities in the Rideshare Wait Zone. With Ola, you will not lose your place in the virtual queue when using these facilities.
  4. Use of the designated holding area is free. No charges apply for parking at the ride-share holding area.

Airport Comfort and Queue