Queenstown (ZQN) Airport

Driver Guide to airport rides

Accept rides to and from Queenstown Airport.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Zone

Yes, we are live at Queenstown Airport. This means riders can be picked up and dropped off right outside the airport terminal – not on Lucas Place.

Ola pick-up and drop-off is only allowed from inside the Rideshare Zone. This zone is located immediately to the left of the airport building, beside the Air New Zealand check-in counters. It’s the same zone used for taxis. Please see the below map for the exact location.

To receive requests to and from the airport, you must have a signed agreement with Queenstown Airport and have a registered Proximity Card. Without the Proximity Card, you can’t enter the rideshare area for picking up and dropping off Ola riders.


Airport Terms and Conditions

If you receive a request for an airport trip, you can only enter the airport when you have the appropriate valid registration.

You can’t complete pick-up or drop-offs outside of the Rideshare Zone, including the public drop off areas. Drivers breaking this bylaw will be penalised by Queenstown Airport.

Please note that it’s your responsibility to be registered to complete rides at Queenstown Airport. The airport will issue fines to drivers who complete pick-ups without the rideshare registration.


Rideshare at the Airport


There is a barrier-protected zone for rideshare licensed drivers. You must fix your rideshare licence tag to the front windscreen of your vehicle. The tag will automatically lift the barrier for rideshare drivers, enabling rider pick-up and drop-off from Queenstown Airport.

The charge for entering the Rideshare Zone is $7.00 + GST. This amount is charged to riders, reimbursed to you, and deducted from your Proximity Card. It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough funds on your Proximity Card to enter the Rideshare Zone.

Currently, Queenstown Airport has no Wait Zone.

  1. To complete Ola rides at Queenstown Airport, you must first meet the requirements listed below.
  2. Hold vehicle insurance with $5 million public liability cover
  3. Have a TSL - Ola TSL or your own
  4. Be an authorised Ola driver
  5. Hold a Queenstown Airport Park charge account

Register for Rideshare at Queenstown Airport


Sign up for a Queenstown Airport Park charge account here.

Once you meet all the requirements, please register here. You’ll be required to upload proof of the requirements and sign the Queenstown Airport Driver Agreement.