Ola Driver Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Ola ANZ Drivers are expected to represent Ola ANZ and themselves in a responsible, ethical and reasonable manner when providing customers with safe and efficient ride services.

To ensure a strong driver performance rating and to avoid warnings or temporary off-roading from the Ola ANZ platform, it is critical for Drivers to understand their obligations as listed below:

  • With the exception of any COVID-19 related obligations for the purposes of identifying government restrictions:
    • drivers must not ask the customer to cancel the trip request.
    • drivers must not ask the customer’s drop location and once known, attempt to convince the customer in any manner, to cancel the trip request.
    • drivers should ensure their driver account does not have a high rate of cancellation activity.
  • All Ola ANZ Drivers are obligated by anti-discrimination laws in both Australia and New Zealand, to permit service animals in their vehicles.
  • Each jurisdiction has anti-discrimination laws, preventing a Driver from discriminating against a customer with accompanying service animals, from cancelling trips as a result.
  • Within Australia, Ola ANZ Drivers must not refuse to carry an assistance animal in the vehicle: please see Clause 64 of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017.
  • Assistance animals are defined under section 9(2) of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
  • To determine whether the animal accompanying the customer is an ‘assistance animal’, the Driver may politely request the customer produce an ‘Assistance Animal Permit’ or appropriate accreditation to verify.
  • Within New Zealand, Ola ANZ Drivers must not refuse to carry an assistance dog into their vehicle: please see Dog Control Act 1996, s 75 and Human Rights Act 1993, s 21.
  • However, the Driver may politely request certification of the customer, that the dog is certified as a “Disability Assist Dog” by an approved organisation such as, the Blind Foundation, Assistance Dogs NZ or Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ.
  • Drivers should not decline trips due to a discriminatory reason such as a customer’s gender, religion, race or sexuality.

Understanding Cancellation fees

  1. Cancellation fees charged to Ola ANZ customers will be paid to Ola ANZ Drivers, less any commission. Cancellation fees may vary by city.
  2. Cancellation fees are applicable where a Driver*:
    1. Reached the pick-up location within the estimated time frame plus 5 minutes calculated by Ola at the time of allocation; and
    2. Tapped the ‘Reached pick-up’ button on arrival at the pick-up location specified within the App.
    3. Waited for at least 5 minutes at the pick-up location. If the Driver is more than 3 minutes late in reaching the pick-up location; then the timer will start from 5 seconds after the driver tapped on the “Reached Pick-up” button. To clarify, Ola ANZ considers the later of the “Scheduled Pick-up time or actual Reached Pick-up Time”. This may be longer if the pick-up location was reached prior to the estimated time of arrival provided to the customer.
    4. The customer OR the Driver cancelled the booking through the app.
  3. If a cancellation fee is applicable, the Driver will be instantly notified within the app upon cancellation of the booking.
  4. Where a Driver declines a customer’s ride after adhering to the above rules, Ola ANZ reserves the right to deny a cancellation fee.
  5. Any disputes may be raised via the app or email through our partner care email: care.NZ@olacabs.com.
  6. If a Driver starts a trip they are ineligible to receive a cancellation fee for that same trip.
*When the booking is confirmed, the system will calculate an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the driver to reach the pick-up location from his/her current location. The actual time of booking acceptance is added to the ETA to amount to the scheduled pick-up time. Calculation of the ETA is based on a fixed default speed in its calculation. That is, the actual time of arrival for a car can be more or less than the ETA depending on his/her driving speed.