Ola Driver Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

To ensure a strong driver performance rating and avoid warnings or temporary off-roading from the Ola platform, it is critical to understand are listed below.

  • Drivers should avoid asking the customer to cancel the trip request 
  • Driver should avoid asking the customer’s drop location, once known, convincing the customer in any manner resulting in customer cancelling the trip request
  • Ensure your driver account does not have a high rate of cancellation activity
  • Declining trips for a disabled customer with accompanying guide dogs or service animals.
  • Declining trips due to a discriminatory reason such as customer’s gender, religion, race or sexuality


Understanding Cancellation fees

  1. Cancellation fees charged to Ola customers will be paid to Ola drivers less commission. Cancellation fees may vary by city
  2. Cancellation fees are applicable where a driver*:
    1. Reaches the pick-up location within the estimated time frame (3 minutes) calculated by Ola at the time of allocation and;
    2. taps the ‘Reached pick-up’ button on arrival at the pick-up location specified within the App
    3. waits for at least 5 minutes at the pick-up location. If the driver is more than 3 minutes late in reaching the pick-up location; then the timer starts 5 seconds after the driver clicks on “Reached Pick-up”. To clarify, Ola considers the max of “Scheduled Pick-up time or actual Reached Pick-up Time” this may be longer if you reach the pick-up location prior to the estimated time of arrival provided to the customer.
    4. The customer OR the driver cancels the booking through the app.
  3. If a cancellation fee is applicable the driver will be notified instantly within the app upon cancellation of the booking.
  4. Where a driver denies a customers ride after adhering to the above rules, Ola reserves the right to deny a cancellation fee.
  5. Any disputes may be raised through our partner care email care.NZ@olacabs.com
  6. If a driver starts a trip they are ineligible to receive a cancellation fee for said trip.
*When the booking is confirmed, the system calculates an ETA for the driver to reach the pick-up location from his/her current location. The actual time of booking acceptance + this ETA becomes the scheduled pick-up time. The ETA which is being calculated uses a fixed default speed in its calculation. Hence the actual time of arrival for a car can be more or less than this ETA depending on his/her driving speed.