Order your Ola car sticker

If you are driving with Ola, please be aware of your responsibility to display an Ola sticker when you are accepting rides.

If you need an Ola sticker, you can:

  1. Register HERE to have one mailed to you – HERE
  2. Drop by the Ola ‘Driver Meet-up’ in your City and pick one up. Check the Ola Driver’s Australia FACEBOOK page for locations

The Ola team have the relevant car stickers available for you.
You can request or collect additional stickers, for another registered car OR as a spare.

Ola stickers can be removed when you are not driving and replaced when your driver app is switched ON, you’re online and accepting rides. They are a durable, re-usable plastic, purpose made to make your Ola driving experience, an easy one.


If you have an Ola sticker, it is important to display it clearly, on the back right hand side, of your rear window when you are online and accepting rides.

QLD – Gold Coast & Brisbane

The Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads (DTMR) requires all drivers to display Ola stickers on the rear and front windscreens in the bottom left-hand corner, when you are online and accepting rides.

Keep up to date with regulations in your City: