Tips for managing difficult passengers

During holiday, events and festive seasons, Ola drivers may experience a spike in passengers and passengers who may be ‘over-enthusiatic’ or who may display undesirable behaviour after indulging too much alcohol or who may have an increased free time during the holidays leading to boredom and seeking thrills or excitement in a wrong way.

While Ola requires all drivers to maintain an excellent standard of passenger service according to our Customer Service Policy, Ola cares for its drivers. It is important for drivers to de-escalate the situation in all circumstances where passengers exhibit or threaten to exhibit undesirable behaviours including:

  • Being disruptive and non-cooperative
  • Verbal threats, intimidation or harassment
  • Physical assault and spitting
  • Throwing objects and projectiles
  • Damaging vehicle
  • Intoxication – drinking, smoking or drug use
  • Bullying and violence.

Ola recommends that all drivers follow its Recommendations for Managing Difficult Passengers policy to ensure that drivers minimise risk to their safety.