Vehicle maintenance guidelines

Safety is the first priority for drivers and riders, and providing a safe environment for drivers and customers is a priority for Ola.

Unsafe vehicles are a cause of road-related accidents and a failure on the part of drivers to ensure that vehicles have been properly maintained according to the manufacturers standards, puts not only the driver’s safety at risk but that of our customers and the public.

In some jurisdictions (see below), the maintenance of vehicles to the standard specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle is a mandatory requirement.

To ensure this obligation has been met, Ola may request drivers provide copies of their vehicle’s service and repair records.

New Zealand

Checking vehicles before use

Before you drive any vehicle,  you should do a simple pre-use ‘walk-around’ check.

This will help ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate. It will also enable you to identify the need for, and schedule, repairs and maintenance – reducing the need to deal with unexpected breakdowns. That could also mean long-term savings for your business.

Read NZTA’s small passenger service vehicle walk-around check guide [PDF, 128 KB]