Driver FAQs

New Applications

The following documents are accepted:


  • NZ birth certificate
  • NZ citizenship certificate
  • NZ passport *
  • International passport (with a NZ visa) *

* Passports may be current, or expired within the previous two years, but not cancelled.

You can sign up with an iPhone, Android phone, or from a computer.

Using your preferred mobile number & email account, you can register at:

You can also visit an Ola office or Driver Meet Up, in your city. Check the Ola Driver Facebook page for details:

Document verification will be completed within 24 hours of document submission if all uploaded documents are correct.

You will be notified on completion of verification or receive an email to prompt accurate completion of your application.

You don’t need to be GST registered to drive for Ola in NZ. You can find more information on GST on the IRD website HERE.

Ola has a partnership with Logmate and you are required to use this service if you are using Ola’s TSL to ensure compliance with NZTA legislation. To register with Logmate, go to:

If you are using your own TSL, you are free to use a logbook of your choice or logmate.

You can follow the below steps to add us as an operator –

1. Login to your Logmate App
2. Go to Operators Section in the Menu
3. Go to Add Operator
4. Enter the company Name as “Ola”. Enter Your First and Last Names and input “” as the email address
5. Submit this and we will receive your request.

If you are using an Ola TSL, you will need to register with Logmate <> and add Ola as an operator.

You sure can!

Driving with Ola is up to you. You choose your own hours and days. It is completely flexible. Some people use this job as their side hustle to make money on the side. Some drivers make more than $500 just driving weekends.

New Zealand: Vehicles must not be older than 2009.

Ola takes a standard 18%* commission on these fares, but you can earn even more with incentive rewards and peak period pricing.


Your account will be activated as soon as Ola verify all of your documents.

After all your documents are submitted and verified, you will be sent an app download link to your registered email. You can also download the Ola driver app from the App Store or Google Play store:


Ola Drivers

You are paid daily by Ola and will receive payments as a direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

The ‘rewards’ feature is located at the bottom of your driver app screen.

Simply click ‘rewards’ and a new page will open, showing the incentives that are valid for you. The Rewards you have earned can also be tracked here. You can expect to receive your incentive reward payments, within 5 working days after the incentive period has finished.

Use the Go-To feature to help you earn when you are on the way home or to a specific location to start your day.

You can select the destination that you wish to accept trips towards, twice a day. Once selected you will only receive trips taking you in that direction.

Learn more about Go-To HERE

You can update your mobile number within the driver app by going to:

More > View Profile > Update phone number.

If you have changed mobile numbers & do not have access to your old number, please send us an email at:

You can add a new vehicle and manage all vehicles in your Ola driver app. This will help you seamlessly update details with little fuss.

How to guide HERE

The safety and comfort of the Ola community is extremely important to us. We have strong safety measures in place, including the below:

  1. Your mobile number is masked from customers to ensure your privacy.
  2. Drivers can alert their emergency contacts or call the nearest police control room immediately using the SOS button provided on the app.

See how Ola supports driver safety in the driver app HERE.

You must record your work time on Logmate while driving using the Ola driver app.

It is a legal obligation for all Passenger Endorsement holders to record all work time using an NZTA approved logbook. If you drive under the Ola Transport Service Licence (TSL), it is a requirement that you record your work time using the Logmate App. Work time includes active time spent on the road with the Ola driver app, and other work-related activities subject to the NZTA work time rules.

Read more HERE to ensure you are ready to drive.

When a customer books a ride through their Ola app, we offer the booking to nearby drivers.

As a driver accepts the booking, Ola verifies the customers payment method to ensure the payment will be processed for the trip they have booked.

If the payment verification fails for any reason, the trip will be cancelled.

This entire process occurs within seconds of the driver accepting a trip.
If the trip is cancelled due to a payment verification issue, the next available trip will be assigned to the driver.

Driver Support



Look out for our Driver ‘Meet Ups’ in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. This information can be found on Ola Driver Facebook page

Christchurch office – 116 Buchan Street, Sydenham. Please check the Ola Driver Facebook page for open days.