5 FOR 5 Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms apply to the $5 for 5 km promotion (5 for 5) only.
  2. Offer excludes 3rd party charges.
  3. $5 flat fare applies to rides of up to 5 km.
  4. For rides more than 5 km, a discount up to a maximum $10 per ride will apply on the total fare.
  5. In some cases, rides of up to 5 km may attract a fare higher than $5 including:
    • where the ride lasts longer than 22 mins; or
    • where the ride is taken during peak hours and the fare much higher than expected as a result of peak pricing applied to the fare.
  6. In such cases as outlined in paragraph 5, a discount up to a maximum $10 per ride will apply on the total fare.
  7. Offer valid till 11 July 2021.
  8. All other terms and conditions outlined below apply to this 5 for 5 promotion.

New Zealand – General Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer will apply automatically or if code is specified it needs to be applied manually.
  2. Discount is applicable for the number of rides that is specified in the offer.
  3. Excludes tolls, airport fees and other third-party charges.
  4. Offer expiry date can be found in your in-app notifications inbox or if no expiry date is displayed for the offer, the offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time at Ola’s discretion.
  5. Offer is not valid with any other offer or promotion.
  6. Usual Coupon Code Terms & Conditions below and Booking Terms & Conditions apply (see Ola Terms & Conditions)

Applying Your Coupon Code

  1. During the booking process, on the Estimated Fare page of your Ola App, you will see an “Apply Coupon” section.
  2. Click on the “Apply Coupon” section to enter your coupon code.
  3. Once you have entered the coupon code, click Return to the Estimated Fare page.
  4. If the coupon code is active, the applicable discount will be subtracted from your Estimated Fare.

Coupon Code Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject to the restrictions set out in these terms and conditions and compliance with the above, the coupon code may be applied to receive current offers of Ola.
  2. The coupon code is valid only during the Redemption Period.
  3. The coupon code cannot be used for any bookings previously made and will be deemed fully redeemed once a qualifying booking has been made.
  4. The coupon code has no cash value and no refunds or cash alternative will be offered.
  5. The coupon code may be reused in the event that you change or cancel the booking.
  6. The coupon code is void where prohibited by law and may only be used by legal residents of, or visitors to, New Zealand aged 18 and over.
  7. Improper use of the coupon code by you including, but not limited to, publication or selling of the coupon code is prohibited, will result in the voiding of the coupon codes us, and may constitute fraud.
  8. The coupon code may not be transferred or sold. Coupon codes obtained through unauthorised channels, mutilated, altered, copied, forged, damaged, manipulated, or tampered with in any way will be deemed void.
  9. Ola reserves the right to change or withdraw any offers or discounts to you at any time and to cancel any bookings made where the coupon code was improperly obtained or used to make any speculative, false, or fraudulent bookings.
  10. These terms and conditions are as written and cannot be changed by any representation of any unauthorised person, including employees of Ola.
  11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.
  12. Any information collected from this competition will be collected, disclosed and used in accordance with Ola’s Privacy Policy.