Sydney (SYD) Airport

Driver Guide to airport rides

Accept rides to and from Sydney Airport – Domestic & International terminals.

Ride-Share Waiting Zone

Domestic Airport

The designated holding area for Sydney Domestic Airport is located between the KFC restaurant and IMO car wash on Ross Smith Avenue in Mascot.

Proceed along Ross Smith Avenue to the Sydney airport pick-up area shown in the driver app as soon as you receive a job request.


International Airport

The designated waiting zone for Sydney International Airport is in Gertrude St, Levey St, Innesdale Rd, Flora St in Wolli Creek.

  1. You will be placed in the virtual queue as soon as you enter the designated holding area. This will appear in your app. The job requests will be assigned based on your turn in the queue.
  2. You should leave the holding area when you receive a request. Proceed to the designated rideshare pick-up bay at the airport; the driver app will assist you to reach the pick-up bay at each terminal. These are the only areas you are able to pick-up riders.

    It’s a good idea to contact your rider to confirm that you are on the way and ensure they're at the correct pick-up location.
  3. Once your rider arrives, start the trip and make your way towards their destination. You can wait in the designated pick-up bay up to three (3) minutes.
  4. You must comply with airport terms and conditions. Failure to do so, may result in driver banning.

Sequence for Airport pick‑up


Airport Fee

For each airport pick-up, there is an additional $4.20 airport fee which will be added to riders’ overall fare. This fee will be paid to the airport directly and automatically charged to your e-TAG by Sydney airport when you exit through the boom gates.

You can wait in the express pick-up area at the International airport for up to 15 minutes before the fee will be charged to your e-TAG by Sydney airport.

  1. You will keep your turn in the queue as long as you are in the designated holding area. If you go offline, leave the airport, or turn your phone off, you will lose your turn automatically.
  2. Sydney airport does not provide toilet facilities. Drivers are required to plan comfort breaks prior to arriving at Sydney airport or may use the toilet facilities of the restaurants on Ross Smith Avenue. Drivers doing so will retain their place in the virtual queue to be eligible for a pick-up request.
  3. Use of the designated holding area for the domestic airport is free for the first 30 minutes.

Airport Comfort and Queue