Managing Fatigue

Safety priority

Safety is the first priority for drivers and customers. Ola has a strict policy on the management of driver fatigue and require all drivers to comply with this policy by taking appropriate breaks and rests at regular periods.

Fatigue is one of the primary causes of road-related accidents and a failure on the part of drivers to ensure that drivers have adequate rest puts not only the driver’s safety at risk but that of our customers and the public.

Secondary Employment

Ola recognises that drivers may have other forms of employment that will contribute to the total hours worked each day by a driver in addition to driving for Ola.

Ola recommends that all work-related duties should be factored into a driver’s working day when adhering to this policy.

New Zealand

New Zealand regulations limit the number of work time hours that drivers with a P Endorsement can undertake. Work time includes (but is not limited to) all time spent driving or performing work-related duties.

Small passenger service drivers must adhere to the following work time requirements:

  • Work time must not exceed 13 hours in a cumulative work day, and then drivers must take a rest time of at least 10 hours
  • After 7 hours of continuous work time, drivers must take a rest time of at least 30 minutes
  • Work time must not exceed 70 hours in a cumulative work period, and then drivers must take a rest time of at least 24 hours
  • More information on the NZTA requirements can be found on the NZTA website: Work time and logbooks for small passenger service drivers


Logmate is a New Zealand Transport Agency approved Electronic Logbook and Compliance platform which allows drivers to do the following:

  1. Mobile Drivers Logbook application – which replaces the need for traditional paper logbooks and provides a tool that assists Drivers to ensure they are working within the prescribed work-time limits; and
  2. Web Administration portals – which enables each type of user e.g. drivers and transport operators, to manage their account, logbooks and vehicles.

Fatigue Assessment Checklist

In addition to our recommendations above, Ola requires all drivers to review this checklist prior to logging on the Ola platform each time to assess the driver’s fitness to provide transport services to our customers.