Driver impersonation policy

This policy outlines the requirements as set out by state and national regulators and Ola, in regards to driver identification requirements and the use of the Ola Driver App/platform.

Ola is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for drivers and riders. Ola’s commitment to providing a safe environment is at the forefront of our business and to ensure that only vetted drivers use the Ola platform to provide rideshare/booking services to Ola riders.

Driver Identification and Accreditation
Drivers who use the Ola platform to take bookings for rideshare services are required to provide particular information about themselves and their vehicle.

Ola is required to provide identifying information to riders about the driver for each trip they take with Ola. This includes providing a photo of the driver, drivers name, vehicle number plate and vehicle model. This information is provided through the Ola App to riders prior to the trip commencing. This ensures that only those drivers who have been vetted and approved by the state / national regulators and registered with Ola provide rideshare services on the Ola platform.

Approved Ola Drivers are strictly prohibited from sharing their driver account with an unvetted driver.

Unvetted driver
An unvetted driver is a person who accepts a booking from the Ola platform (DAPP) and carries out that booking (or attempts to carry out that booking) using a different person’s accreditation (or credentials). In other words, an unvetted driver is someone who has not met the required standards to become an Ola driver.

Ola monitors the Driver App, the number of trips and other data points to ensure that only vetted drivers are using the Ola platform.

Selfie Authorisation in the Ola Driver App
One of the ways in which Ola monitors the driver community is by identifying drivers via “selfies”. A “selfie” is where the driver is prompted to take a photo of themselves, which is then compared with the photo Ola has on record of the driver.

The Ola Selfie Authorisation feature sets out to identify the persons who are logged in and online using the Ola platform to perform bookings for riders.

The Driver App will randomly select drivers to upload a photo of themselves (selfie) to match the photo credentials on file associated with the driver account.

Ola uses identification technology to identify the driver who has taken the selfie photo, then compares with the photo on file for that driver. If there is a discrepancy with the selfie photo and the photo on file, further investigation is then initiated to establish if this discrepancy is correct. This technology also can identify photos of photos.

Sharing the Driver App with an Unvetted Driver
If Ola becomes aware of unvetted drivers using the Ola platform, the registered driver will be immediately removed from the platform. This includes not providing a valid selfie photo when requested in the Driver App, or providing a photo of a photo, or a picture of a driver’s license.

Ola has a zero-tolerance policy in regards to unvetted drivers and if a driver is found to be allowing another person to use their driver app, they will be banned permanently from the platform. Ola considers this to be fraud.

Drivers found to be sharing their driver account will be reported to the local state or national regulator and/or police where appropriate.

Further information
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